Used Cars By The Numbers

The Age of Used Cars — Much More Than Just a Number

an array of used cars of all colors and stylesIf you’re on the market for your next car and you decide to go the used car route, you should know that you’ve got options! At Express Auto Credit, our inventory is full of a wide variety of makes and models, so we’re ready to sell exactly what you require. That’s the true beauty of used car dealerships. Since our inventory is made up of a wide array of cars, you can truly have your pick of the litter! But in order to choose the best car to suit your needs, you need to be aware of the car’s age. Cars of different ages offer various things. Depending on what you specifically require, make sure to keep the car’s age in mind.

Car Age: 2-3 Years Old

As you may or may not know, all new cars depreciate in value the moment they’re driven off the lot. This depreciation continues throughout every subsequent year. In fact, new cars can depreciate up to $7,000 in value in the first year alone! Although this may not seem like a good thing for new car owners, it’s perfect for used car shoppers!

Since new cars depreciate so much in value in the first few years after purchase, used car buyers have the perfect option to buy a close-to-new vehicle for an incredible price. Depending on the previous owner, this recently-purchased car won’t have too many miles under its belt. Low mileage, advanced technology, and incredible style all at an amazing price! Since these cars are so close to being new, they tend to boast great fuel economy as well. You really can’t go wrong with cars in this age bracket.

Car Age: 5 years old

Now, these vehicles stand apart from the previous bracket in one category: price. Cars that are 5 years or older cost much less than both new cars or cars that are only a couple years old. Although these cars may have higher mileage, they might be the perfect price for you. Cars in this age bracket are an excellent choice for first-time car owners as well. They’re not too expensive, and they will still run smoothly. Depending on the mileage, these cars will be a reliable mode of transportation.

Although the price may seem enticing at first, it’s important to know about the car’s past. This is true for any used car but it becomes more significant among older cars. Through the various reports on the car’s previous history, you will be able to gauge whether the car is the right choice for you. Many people believe older cars with higher mileage will require a lot of maintenance. This is a very general thought that does not apply to all used vehicles. Take a good look at the car and get acquainted with its past. This way, you’ll be able to make the correct decision.

Car Age: 10 Years or Older

Cars that are 10 years or older will be the least expensive cars on the lot. They will also be the least technologically advanced and overall the least modern. These are all details that may matter to some shoppers. Other car shoppers couldn’t care less about how technologically advanced a vehicle is. It all depends on the need of the shopper, after all. If you’re considering buying a car that is 10 years or older, you should do the appropriate research. Learn about the specific make and model, about any issues that were common for cars from that generation, and don’t forget to have the car mechanically inspected. The incredibly low price tag may be tempting but before going ahead and sealing the deal, you should be certain it will be the best choice.

Express Auto Credit Has Them All!

At Express Auto Credit, we proudly carry vehicles to suit the needs of our clients. Whether you’re looking for a car that’s 2-3 years old, 5 years old, or 10 years or older, we’ve got them. Come in today to take a look at our inventory. If you have any questions, speak to an Express Auto Credit team member and they’ll gladly shed light on any doubts you may have. Let Express Auto Credit set you up with your next vehicle, today!

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