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Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Vehicles Vs. New Cars in El Paso

Our Used Car Dealership Offers a Great Value at a Used Car Price

When it’s time to replace your current car, or even buy your first vehicle, you’ll need to decide on new or used. The latest model may offer newer technology and a speedometer that reads zero. You’ll also have the benefit of being the very first owner. However, the luster may wear off quickly when you learn about all the great perks related to the true value of a used car. At our used car dealership you can find a used vehicle with a new car feel.

The most obvious benefit of buying used is the price tag. A used car will be significantly less in cost. Passing up the benefit of being the first driver will save you thousands of dollars. Choosing a previously owned, older model will get you a significantly smaller monthly bill. Not only that, buying used will still get you technology in your pre-owned vehicle that you would otherwise not be able to afford. This includes features like rear-view cameras, a sunroof, bluetooth capabilities, and much more.


Pre-Owned Vehicles Don’t Depreciate

People often talk about all the money you lose when you drive off the lot. The amount you lose is big. A car will depreciate up to 40 percent in the first three years that you own it. A used car on the other hand, doesn’t depreciate the moment you drive it away. That’s because someone already took that hit for you.

Our Used Car Dealership in El Paso Offers More Choices

When it comes to finding the right car, our used car dealership definitely offers more selection. We have up to 40 cars available at a time. You aren’t tied to one specific car company, and you don’t have to drive from lot to lot to find selection. We have sedans, trucks, and SUVs all within different price ranges. That means, no matter what your budget looks like, we will have a selection of cars for you.

Lower Insurance Rates When You Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle

Buying used definitely means getting a lower monthly insurance bill. A used car may mean you can afford a better insurance plan that if you bought a new car. Not only that, the savings over a year can range from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars. When it comes to used cars, you will be saving money at the point of purchase and in the long run.

Buy Here, Pay Here

When you arrive at our lot ready to pay the down-payment, you will drive away the same day. You don’t have to worry about being denied because of a poor credit score. Our El Paso clients know and have experienced the helping hand we extend. If you are in a bind or a desperate situation, you can always find credit with us. We will put you in a car when a traditional lender won’t. Your on-time payments will also work to improve your low credit score.

Superior Customer Service in El Paso

We put the customer first. Here at Express Auto Credit, we know that you probably have a family, a job, school and many other things in your life to worry about. We want to give you a good car buying experience and help you drive away with a pre-owned vehicle that will help you with all your daily needs. Give us a call today or stop on by!

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